How to start your writing career with no experience

Welcome to Fashionich! From the name, you already understand the niche. A part of Rishag, Fashionich aims to give everyone a platform to establish themselves as fashion/lifestyle bloggers. 

In our journey, contributors play an important role. Whether you are an established writer or want to start your career, Fashionich is the best place for everyone. 

As long as you follow our editorial guidelines (not tons of rules), you can write everything you want. 

How to publish your article on Fashionich

It is simple to publish your article. Go to the signup page and create an account (If you do not have one), and start posting your article.  

Once you created your account, go to your email and verify it. 

After that, update your profile with image and bio. 

Congratulations! You can publish your article now. 

Why should you write for us?

Of course, this is the first question that will come to your mind. Fashionich is made exclusively for fashion bloggers who want to establish themselves as fashion bloggers. 

We do not have tons of rules and ask for money to publish your article.

  • If you are an entrepreneur who wants to promote his/her brand or blog, you are welcome. 
  • If you want to start your career as a writer, Fashionich is there for you.
  • If you are looking for professional experience, we are happy to help you through our internship program. 

How to publish your post on Fashionich

Once you have created your account, you can start writing.

  1. Click on the Publish Your Post on the top menu.

  2. Write the title of your blog post on the title section.

  3. Add a featured image. Ensure that you hold the copyrights of the image or use creative commons or public domain images. Do not forget to mention the source of the image if you do not have the copyright.

  4. In the content section, write the complete article.

  5. First, write the introduction of the article for a better understanding.
  6. In the content section, you can select your subheading formats by clicking at the top left corner.
  7. At the end of the article, do not forget to write a conclusion of the post. 
  8. After finishing the article, write an excerpt from the article. It should be within 100 words. You can leave it blank if you wish.

  9. Select the categories mentioned below.

  10. Now, click on the submit button

  11. Congratulations! You have officially written for Fashionich.

If you need any help, email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once you have submitted the article?

Once you submit the article, an editor will review it to check whether you follow the guidelines. 

How long does it take to publish the story?

We try to publish the article as soon as possible though sometimes, it may take one day to one week. 

What topics can I write about?

We accept articles about fashion, lifestyle, gadgets, fitness, grooming, travel, relationship, beauty, nutrition, food, and entertainment (movies, web series, celebrities ). 

How long should the article be?

Usually, an article should not be less than 800 words. The longer article performs better.

How often can I write?

Any time you want!

Can I publish the article that I have posted somewhere else before?

As long as you hold the copyright of the article, we do not have any objection. But make sure that you mention it at the end of the article.

Can I publish my Fashionich article somewhere else? 

Yes, you can. Once you write for Fashionich, you hold the article’s copyright, and you can publish it somewhere else. 

Why has my article been deleted?

Though you hold the copyright of your article, it still violates our editorial guidelines. If we receive any copyright complaint, we will delete it immediately. 

My headlines and some pieces of words have been changed. 

Our editorial team will sometimes change the headline, some parts of the content, and images to make your post social media and search engine friendly.  

What benefits will I get by contributing to Fashionich?

It depends on what niche you are working. Fashionich talks about lifestyle, fashion, fitness, grooming, gadgets, and travel. 

If you are a part of any industry mentioned above or niche, you can promote your products/service through content marketing with a broad target audience. 

Why should I participate in the internship program? 

If you want to start your writing career but do not have any professional experience, you can participate in our internship program

How can I participate in your internship program, and what are the benefits? 

You can check our internship page for more information.

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