123 Best Short Hairstyles For Men – 2021 Update

Short Haircuts For Men

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Short hairstyles for men are the most classic and trending looks.

It is because short hair with its modern edges is quite eye-catching yet easy to maintain and quick to style.

Whether it is quiff, side part, slicked undercut, crop top, faux hawk, and crew cut, there are endless styling combinations to twin with short hair.

It is not easy to pick a short haircut, from so many types of nice-looking hairstyles. Thankfully, all styles and cuts included in our list are versatile.

To help you to catch your new awesome look, we have listed the best new short hairstyles for men in 2021.

The crew cut and buzz cut are an all-time favorite as they are quick to style and easy to maintain.

If you want to have a modern look, you can opt for an undercut or fade with some unique styling on top, spiked hair on the front, faded sides or back, and comb-over.

It doesn’t matter whether you have thin, curly, straight, or wavy hair, there are modish short hairstyles for every guy!

Things you must consider before having a short haircut –

1. Pay attention, you can trim it off, but it won’t grow back in an instant

Before taking the decision, reflect on the reasons behind it.

It takes few seconds to shorten your hair, but it requires some months to grow them back.

If you haven’t updated your hairstyle from the past few years, today is the best time.

2. Feel free to try new styles

Short haircuts come in a variety of bold styles. Angular haircuts, fringes, and chopped layers are a few of them.

Want to completely transform your look, pair your haircut with new hair color, confused with blonde hair, try your luck and find it out.

3. Don’t go to extreme levels

About half-inch of hair growth can take up to (30 days) a month.

It’s better to leave some volume on top, to play with a wide range of haircuts and styling hair products.

In the end, the first impression matters the most.

4. Change your tools

It’s better to invest in new styling tools that suit your shorter locks.

Your old bigger and thicker curling iron and straighteners won’t allow hassle-free control of your short hair during the styling process.

5. You will save a lot of time and hair styling products 

Short hair tends to get oilier at a quicker rate than long hair. That doesn’t mean to regularly wash your hair, as it can result in dry and frizzy locks.

The biggest benefit of having short hair is that it takes less time to style and manage your hair.

Your hair care products will now last longer as short hair needs less shampoo and conditioner.

Go easy with the hair products while you’re styling your short locks to eliminate the risk of ruining your hairstyle and ending with an oily looking mess.

6. Results may change

Collect some images of the haircuts that appeal to you, it will help the barber to better understand your requirements.

Just like in dressing, we choose clothes according to our body shape, your haircut should flatter with your facial features.

Often celebrity’s hairstyle influences our decision but the result of the cut won’t remain the same on every face shape.

Consult with hairstylist expert, they know the outcome as they have been trained on this job.

7. Your face shape plays an important role

Considering your face shape, hair texture, age, density, length, and more they will help to choose the hairstyle that suits you the most. Here you can know more about different types of face shapes and how to determine them. 

Rectangular Shape: Short to medium length hair with wispy bangs works best with the rectangular face shape. Lays also suits beautifully with rectangular face shapes.

Round Shapes: For guys with round-shaped faces, avoid chin-length as it exaggerates the roundness. Try swept-back direction hairstyles, as they lengthen your face.

Oval Shape: Most of the hairstyles go well with the oval shape.

8. Let the experts do their job

Listen to your stylist and don’t try to micromanage their work.

Collect some images of the haircuts that appeal to you, it will help the barber to better understand your requirements.

However, during your cut, if you aren’t liking the direction your style is going, kindly tell your barber, don’t remain silent.

If you have visited a professional, he\she would be able to fix it.

But if your stylist is only justifying, the only reason is he/she lacks experience and is not able to give the cut you desire.

If you are pleased with the results, it is customary to tip 20%.

Here is the list of 123 best short haircuts for men to try in 2021–

1. Line Fade haircuts

Short hairstyles for men


The short fade haircut looks stylish and handsome, and can accommodate any men’s sense of style.

With high-skin or mid bald faded sides, it allows you to increase contrast and maximize the shades in different lengths between the top, sides, and back.

You may also ask your stylist to completely shave the hair on the sides to get a fresh buzz cut.

In the end, a short haircut on the crown with faded sides offers a clean-cut finished look. You can try different taper fades combinations – low, mild, high, bald, razor, and drop, to get a cut that suits your personality.

2.Undercut hairstyles


The second popular way to cut short locks on the sides is the undercut hairstyle. Men’s undercut is a modish and trendy haircut among some of the sizzling styles in the saloons today. In contrast with fade cut, the undercut haircut is continuous and misses out fades on the sides.

Very high on the sides and back, it remarks a distinct and crystal-clear difference in hair lengths.

Due to this reason, barbers like to name these haircuts disconnected styles as well.

You can combine different cuts like the slick back, spiked hair on front, pompadour cut, and faux hawk with an undercut.

All these cuts, allows you to have the option of styling your hair messy, clean, shiny, or textured.

3. Buzz cut


The buzz cut is widespread among the military personnel and one of the fastest ways to wear short hair. The buzz cut fade is neat, spike and span, and low-care, that said, it’s simple to style.

It suits best for men who need a short haircut to their rugged physique and masculine looks. To get a stylish look, you can adjust your hairline and ask your barber to give modern edges around your crown.

Although some guys may find this simple and try cutting their hair at home with some professional hair clippers, it is recommended to visit your barber shop.

4. Crew cut


The crew cut is a classic and trendy yet easy to style and requires low-maintenance.

Although the crew cut and buzz cut are much similar but the crew cut is slightly longer.

While the buzz cut with short hair on top, won’t allow for more styling options.

For guys who are going to wear this cut for the first time, try taper faded sides for a modern cut.

The result of your hair cut depends on the length of your crew cut – short or long. Some men may decide to combine a crew cut with spiked hair, messy locks, side swept to one side or keep it natural.

For a masculine look, grow a full beard with a crew cut faded on the sides.

To get a textured hair look, I recommend using hair products like wax or clay especially for guys with thinner hair.

5. Short men’s textured-hair


For men who want a short-textured haircut, the French Crop is the ideal option.

The French cut is trending in recent few years, much like the crew cut.

With this cut, you’ll get an undercut or fade on the sides, slightly longer hair on top, and trimmed short in the front.

For a modish look, you can opt a short-textured crop, for styling guys often use matte pomade, wax, and clays.

6. High and Tight Fade


The high and tight, also known as military haircut, is a classic, clean-cut, manly style in barbershop today.

The high and tight with short haircut on top suits well with a variety of hair type – thick, curly, wavy, skinny, or straight hair.

Some guys may try to get this cut with some good hair clippers, it is better to visit your hair stylist for a professional look.

7. Short Quiff Haircut


The short quiff hairstyle is quickly gaining popularity as the forest catches the fire.

It is classy yet trending in the market, is extremely versatile, twinset with all hair lengths, textures, and face shapes.

For example, you can ask your barber for a low fade quiff on the sides with medium-length hair on the top.

While the epitome of the quiff’s cut resembles a more voguish haircut, you can also wear it for professional meetings.

8. Fringe Hairstyle


The fringe hairstyles for men are seductive and elegant, but requires a good amount of time for styling and care.

You can style it longer tresses or cropped locks, leave it messy, sharp angles, and textured curls.

For men with curly or wavy hair, short fringe will completely transform your look.

You should experiment with different combinations with some good pomade, wax or clay to get a cut that gives you a handsome look.

9. Short Comb Over Fade


The comb over is an attractive and chic hairstyle for men. Similar to the buzz cut or other side part hairstyles, a short comb comes with endless combinations to make it a fresh, clean-cut.

You can try the modern-day trending comb over with faded sides or fade on the sides.

Some guys especially ask their barbers for a surgical line in their locks known as a hard part, to make the design more attractive.

For special occasions like a party night, you can style with a slick back, spiked hair, long fringe, or a quiff to get an astonishing makeover.

10. Short Curly Hair Fade


For frizzy and messy hair, curly hair fade is all-time favorite.

You can opt for short hair with curly fade, is an effortless option, it is easy to style and low maintenance.

11. Slicked Back Hair


The slicked back undercut is the best sophisticated hairstyle among the hair stylists today.

Usually, slicked back hairstyles cut comes with short hair sides and mid-length to longer tresses on top, you can also ask for a short haircut on top.

Slightly short in length slicked back hair groomed with a strong pomade or clay gives a stylish yet classy look.

Men with receding hairline, can get a textured, natural clean-cut with the help of a professional matte product.

12. Short Spiky Hair


The short spiky hair for men is always in trend since the early 90s.

You may have seen some celebrities wearing spiked hair with blonde highlights, it is recommended to keep it natural for a textured finish look.

Avoid using gel that will cluster your locks, instead use some good quality wax or clay to create thick spikes for a sexy look.

Furthermore, you can style your spiked hair with an undercut or faded side.

13. Short Side Part Haircut


Looking to get a hairstyle, for both casual and formal dealings, the side part haircut will fulfil your style prerequisites.

With its classy look, this cut has been in-fashion for generations.

This haircut is gaining popularity from all round the world due to its impressive look.

The short side part is the essence of a neat and well-structured style, with tapered sides.

Which type of fade you want – low, mild, classic, bald, or razor, totally depends on your personal style.

Similar to the crew cut, it is a versatile style, you can ask your barber for modifications like a unique design into your scalp.

This will make your look more modern and glossier.

14. Short Faux Hawk Haircut


The faux hawk is the modern version of the out-style mohawk, energetic, attention-grabbing short hairstyle for men.

The barbers often style this cut with messy and textured locks, using matte hair products for a finished look.

You can use your digits for a wind-swept touch and natural remarkable look.

The short faux hawk is extremely flexible, quick to style, and suits any hair type.

15. Tapered Sides with Short Blowout


The blowout hair is stylish, cool, and crisp. For a voguish look, ask your stylist for a medium taper fade on the sides combined with a medium-length cut on top. Groom the hair back and straight for a fancy styling and grow full beard for a manly look.

16. Caesar Crop Top Fade


The crop top with an undercut or fade side is naïve yet always on-trend. To get a stylish short fringe, similar like the Caesar cut, brush your hair forward. For an angular natural look, couple this seductive men’s short hairstyle with a high taper fade and a surgical line round the sides.

17. Short Quiff with Tapered Sides


For men with short thick hair, spike up the hair on front to get a quiff with mild faded sides to highlight the styling on top.

18. Short Curly Hair with Faded sides


For curly hair, short length cut on top with a medium fade on the sides looks sexy and sleek. Use top-rated styling products to take a huge advantage of your unique volume.

19. Short Brushed Hair with Undercut Fade


Short brushed hair with a faded side creates a classy yet elegant hairstyle. Flexible, modish, and sharp, it’s a splendid style that gives a grand look perfect for any event.

20. Classic Short Side Part Fade


This side part gives a handsome, spike and span, and fresh look with a low undercut or fade. It is mostly worn by professionals for office or formal meetings. However, for an elegant look, add a line and angular edges.

21. Short Mohawk Fade


The mohawk fade is a traditional cut yet cool and in-fashion. Ask your barber for the burst fade curves round your lower crown to highlight your short mohawk on top. For the final touch, edge up your beard to get an exceptional look.

22. High Undercut Fade with Textured Slicked Back Hair


This classy short haircut with fade on the sides can suit any guy’s style requirements. The textured slicked back hair adds more freshness and versatility to your haircut and with longer hair on top you can experiment with many styling options.

23. Short Pompadour Fade


This modish pompadour looks better with an undercut fade. This hairstyle is popular among the gentleman who wants a fresh, clean-cut, and handsome style. So next time you visit your saloon, make sure to try this haircut.

24. High Razor Fade with Textured Crop


If you are a sports person or someone who has no time for dressing your hair, this cool short haircut with razor fade is an ideal option for you.

It is quick to style, low-maintenance, and works well even if you don’t wash your hair daily.

25. Brushed Up and Swept Back with Classic Taper


This brushed up and flounced back short hairstyle is both sexy and lavish. With the classic tapered cut highlights the sides and back for a more eye-catching look. This hot gentleman’s cut will surely stand out in any room.

26. Comb Over Pomp with Low Fade and Edge Up


A classic yet vogueish and modern hairstyle. This comb over pomp gives you an erotic look and is extremely versatile with various face shapes and hair textures.

27. Low Bald Fade with Side Part


This side part is a traditional yet trendy men’s cut with a new blend. Brushed up hair with low faded sides is a signature element of this cut, and can be worn for both formal and casual events.

28. Slicked Back Fade with Beard


Another classic cut and style with a new twist. The side part gives this trendy hairstyle extra class, and can be a signature element of your style for both formal and casual occasions.

Slicked back undercut with a beard is always trending in the hair expert’s fair and surpasses all the hairstyles.

Don’t try to shape your beard. In the latest fashion craze, the messier hair works the best.

29. Lower Taper Fade with Side Brush Up


Modish and sleek, this short haircut has a low taper fade and medium length hair on the top. For an angular finish, brush up the thick hair and swipe them to the side. It’s natural and gives you a stylish look, so no extra time required to spend in the barber’s shop.

30. Comb Over with Mid Razor Fade


This new short hairstyle for men is comparatively easy to style and requires low-maintenance. With mid-razor fade on the sides highlights length on top, coupled with a handlebar moustache can completely transform your look.

31. Short Messy Hair


With short hair you can try endless cool styling options. Messy hair with a natural textured shape is a popular hairstyle trending these days. To get better results use some top-rated hair care products like a matte pomade, wax, or clay. You can also tell your barber to pull tresses together for a thick spiked hairstyle.

32. Low Fade and Beard with Short Faux Hawk


This short faux hawk will give you a masculine, stylish, yet professional look all at the same time. While the low faded sides emphasize the length of the hair on top, the blend of a faux hawk adds a finish touch.

33. Angular Brush with High Fade


This sharp modern haircut will make you look classy and is easy to style. The angular edges magnify the look compared to just an outdated slick back.

34. Buzz Cut with High Fade and Shape Up


A classic buzz cut can show off your face shape, while the high skin fade cuts clean on the sides. This type of short hair is easy to maintain and style, making it perfect for busy guys.

35. Regular Textured Hair Style


I know you might be thinking what makes this normal haircut look so attractive. The thick textured hair is a significant element that completely transforms this style.  With cropped sides and trimmed short hair on top makes this one of the best hairstyles for boys and young men. Handsome and easy to style, it’s best for men who want to try a fresh cut.

36. Long Dense Comb Over with High Skin Fade


A new stylish short cut for men, best substitute to the traditional sweep back. High fade on the sides highlights the length on top. It’s a bad boy choice with unruled hair, and requires low-maintenance.

37. High Skin Fade with Quiff and Beard


This new version of quiff haircut has dominated barber shops around the world with its cropped sides and long hair on top men’s haircut. The spiky texture with high skin fade coupled with a beard makes this a sexy hairstyle for any guy’s sense of style.

38. Hide Side Part with Taper Fade


Try this light and funky cut suits with any hair color, while the taper faded sides adds more uniqueness and freshness in the summer. With this hairstyle you won’t need to spend hours in a barbershop to style this men’s elegant cut.

39. Brushed Up with Temp Fade and Line Up


For oval face, temp fade on the sides and brushing your hair up works the best. The surgical line up creates a hard part on your crown and adds a modish touch.

40. Quiff with Low Fade


The textured hair with thick spike on top adds more volume to the overall cut, making your hairstyle to have a grant look. The low fade on the sides coupled with quiff totally transforms your look.

41. Long Slicked Back with Disconnected Undercut


This new version of the undercut also known as disconnected cut works beautifully with textured slick back. Style your long hair on top with a combo over fade or pompadour on the right.

42. Spiky Hair with High Taper Fade


Short spiked up hair on front with faded sides has been around forever, and is till the most trending haircut for boys and men alike. With blonde highlights and angular make up, this cool hairstyle for guys focuses your eyes.

43. The Short Push Up Hairstyle


Much like the side part cut and classic short hairstyle, this classic style is extremely versatile, longer and thicker top. The trimmed short sides feature the longer top, similar to the Angular Fringe.

The longer hair on top allows for plenty of styling options. For the best results, it is recommended to use a top-rated hairstyle product like a matte hair wax. Whether you are a kid, young man, or an older gentleman, this hairstyle works best with all ages.

44. The Top Fade Hairstyle


Want to get a modern yet classic look, try this hairstyle with short locks and top fade.

It is very much similar with the angular fringe and buzz cut.

However, the top fade haircut is slightly longer on top.

It is very flexible, easy to style and modify, whether it is slicked down or spiked up.

Although naturally it gives a wilder look, for special events you can try styling it with some wax, cream, or pomade.

45. Hipster Style


This style will surely stand out in any room with its 3-4 inches significant pomp on top. The length of pomp depends on your personal styling preference, varying from short to medium hair. For men with straight and wavy textured hair, this hairstyle is the ideal choice.

46. Cory Monteith’s Scissor Cut


This scissor cut is a fashionable yet low-maintenance style that can be worn by any hair type. It is popularly known as Cory Monteith’s haircut.

47. Mike Vogel’s Natural Part with Medium Fringe


In contrast with other side part hairstyles, middle parts can be difficult to style. The symmetrical waves are the key of this cut that makes it work very well.

48. Butch Cut with Hard Line


Surgical line with disconnected cut round the sides, highlights the undercut or faded sides gives a striking bold look.

49. Pierce Brosnan’s Classic Scissor Cut


Here’s another trending scissor cut that especially benefit men with receding hair or thinning hair. It’s voluminous shape all over, hides attention away from any thinness.

50. Skin Faded Sides with Simple Top


The skin fade cut creates a modern and stylish two-tone look. It naturally looks fancy, but it allows you to experiment with different combinations with your hair.

51. Rock the Fohawk


The fohawk gives you an attention-grabbing, clean-cut, fresh look. For men with long and thick hair can get the best results from this hairstyle.

52. Tousled Overgrown Ivy


This cut will give you the feel of James Bond’s look. It’s short, youthful, and couples beautifully with some slightly unruled facial hair.

53. Lush Beard with Thick Hair Paired with the Skin Fade


This haircut much like the crew cut has a classic high skin fade. In the end, this crafts a splendid contrast with the lush beard shaped down.

54. Unbroken Line Up with Skin Fade


This textured short hairstyle is quite popular among the youth. With a messy top, hard line across the side, and the square design paired together gives a style that’s totally fresh, clean-cut, and unique.

55. Short Top with Faded Crown


Its short, not too short, haircut shaped into a fringe at the front. Coupled with the faded sides gives abundance of negative space from the sides and highlights the short top.

56. Bushy Beard and Thin Hair


This hairstyle is extremely thin on top and has been combined with dense facial hair. Along with a super short taper on the sides, and hipster sunglasses (optional) it gives a handsome look.

57. Faded Dye with Sharp Line Up


There is no fixed name, this short haircut has neat, demarcated lines, a good amount of dye, and a solid fade down the sides. I like it.

58. Back-Styled Quiff


As the title suggests, this is a blended version of the Quiff haircut with medium-long hair on top. Ask your barber to give some modern edges near the forehead for a sleek and finish look.

59. Chris Pine’s Scissors Crop


Here’s a new crop, also known as Chris Pine’s Scissors Crop. In contrast with the classic scissors crop, this cut is divided into two definite directions. Much like the Bushy Beard and Thin Hair, it requires too much maintenance.

60. Wavy Brush Up


This brush-up hairstyle is simple yet classy. Just take a comb, groom your top hair up, and you’re ready for anything: casual and formal occasions.

61. Handle Moustache and Short Crop


This hairstyle is quite stylish. It’s short, extremely short on the sides with those surgical lines round the temples! Be sure you don’t miss to catch the moustache.

62. French Curls


These short simple curls are low on maintenance, easy to style, for men with naturally coiled hair.

63. Medium Fade and Brush Back


A unique combination: the brushed/slicked back top with medium fade on the sides. Needless to say, it’s certainly best to remove the facial hair on this one!

64. High Fade and Messy Top


This is a short new haircut, messy top, completely different styling from all the other messy cuts on this collection. Decide for yourself!

65. Classic Scissors Cut


This is a naïve, medium-long length scissors cut; it requires a bit more maintenance. Works best with some facial hair. 

66. Burst Fade and Short Crop


This short to medium-length haircut is quite popular among the youths. Much like a buzz cut or crew cut, this is stylish, low-maintenance and clean-cut style.

67. Rafael De La Fuente’s Natural Waves


This is the simplest haircut from our list. No need to apply any wax, pomade, or clay, just a simple brush from one corner to the other and you are ready.

68. Tom Ellis’ Wavy Scissor Crop


This haircut is gaining popularity after the famous Netflix series Lucifer’s one-character Devil. Tom Ellis is in the lead role as Devil and sporting a simple yet classy crop cut that represents the stylish character that the show needs.

69. Grant Show’s Short Crop


For men with a V-shaped hairline, crew cuts and short crops works great. This hairstyle is easy to shape, spick and span, and goes well in any occasion.

70. Ivy League and Classic Taper


Here’s another variation of the classic taper hairstyle, this cut is precisely-combed, and can be worn by anyone, regardless of hair texture, color, or facial shape.

71. Low Fade and Brush Back


Don’t miss this meticulously brushed-back hairstyle. It takes time to groom your hair from the very forehead to the back so perfectly. You’ll surely need a helping hand to shape this hairstyle.

72. High and Tight Inspired Brush Up


Want to try a bold and rebellious look, try this brushed up paired with a high and tight hairstyle. However, the nature of this hairstyle does not suit for professional events like business meetings.

73. Side Part and Low Fade


A side part coupled with a low faded side is a ready-to-go haircut for many people. Low fade on sides gives a super sophisticated look and totally transforms your appearance.

74. Medium Fade and Clean Brush Up


Perfectly shaped from all the sides, this medium fade suits all the way to being also a skin fade. With thick hair volume and clean-cut brushed up, this hairstyle is focusing to give you a fresh look.

75. Modern Caesar


This Caesar haircut is such a unique haircut even after passing many modifications, it still conserves its classic style.

Adjusting haircuts to your personal style can be a playful experiment to identify yourself or simply changing the direction of a few tresses up and down once in a while. The ball is in your court!

76. Casual French


A bright medium-length fringe gives a fabulous look with this kind of voluminous textured fresh crop. It’s a chic hairstyle that can be worn by men of any age.

77. Business Back with Low Fade


As the name suggests this haircut and styling is completely about business, but you can experiment with some combinations with low fade coupled with neatly shaped beard and it can be ready for casual hours too.

78. French Crop with Angular Fringe


This is the best cut to an edgy look to your face. An angular fringe allows you to try a wide range of mishmashes, and one of the most traditional styling is to combine it with a french crop.

79. Ruffled Hair and High Skin Fade


High skin fade emphasizes more value on the full head of ruffled hair on top. Tapered sides give it a classic touch.

80. Ombre Curls


Here’s another variation with curls, this haircut is pitched with smooth marking on the sides, much like the ombre trend on longer locks.

81. Burst Fade and Highlights on a French


Whether you decide to wear this cut on short or mid-length hair on top, this burst fade truly unleashes high spot colored tresses on top.

82. Round Scissor Crop


The way this haircut is paired with high skin fade on the sides looks perfect. I recommend visiting an expert hair stylist to get this unique roundness.

83. Faded Hair Line and Crowns


Faded line ups with size 1 professional clippers are just flawless. The tattoos on the side give you a picture-perfect look with faded sides. The sleek taper fade takes this hairstyle to the next level.

84. Scissor Crop and Natural Texture


If you have natural textured hair, don’t miss to take benefit and pair it with a scissor cut. This combination gives these types of styles the slightly edge tone.

85. Buzz and Line-Up


Try this buzz cut and ask your barber to leave some extra hair on top, to get a perfectly textured curly hair. The sides are kept spike and span, clean-cut with a low fade.

86. Skin Fade and Buzz Cut


This is an absolute clean buzz cut, its short, almost near to baldness, and faded skin is the main ingredient to get this level of crispness.

87. Spiky Hair with Textured Fringe on French


Want to wear a short but spunky hairstyle? Have a look at this french made spiky hair up with a top-notch clean drop fade.

88. Long and Pointy Decree


If you are young and want to try a modish cut, you should absolutely try out this long decree crop. Although the pointy top is optional, however, it truly adds so much boldness! And the disconnected shaved undercut is a game changer.

It is probably not possible for everyone to wear a long and thick fringe, that’s why a chopped fringe helps a lot. The white-colored dye on this french crop cracks the deal.

89. Design Neckline and Taper


Whether it’s a buzz cut or a pomade, add this neckline to get a sexy and chic hairstyle. Pairing this neckline design is a clever way of defining your style.

90. Ginger Beard and Blonde Dye


The buzz cut is clean and easy to style but these contrasts are eye-catching. Want to make the best of this style, ask your barber to give you a carbon copy cut as worn by the model. And the last, beard is an inevitable element of this cut.

91. Arrow Fohawk


With trimmed shorter sides, this fohawk maintains its mark by clean finishing in an arrow-looking back. The sharp back will surely stand out in any room.

92. Undercut and Brush Up


This brush up is known to be a ready-to-go haircut as it is relatively easy to style. Keep it clean or play with a messy top, it’s up to you. An Undercut with shorter sides undoubtedly adds a ton of charm.

93. Colored Spikes


Spiked haircuts are always in-fashion and full of texture. Yet adding some color and playing with the contrasts, totally transforms your appearance.

94. Artiste Braids


Styling your hair with braids is an excellent way to keep every tress of hair in the fixed place. It’s versatile and offers various braid styles to match your preferences.

95. Faded Design Neckline


For an overall classic look, not only the top but a super detailed neckline is an important element. Do check out more neckline designs and wear the one that suits you the most.

96. A Side Comb and Mid Fade


A comb-over is the all-time favorite way to style any short haircut. The medium fade is identical all the way to the sides of your temples, looks superb clean!

97. Modern Caesar with Fade


This fade is so clean that it dominated us to add this haircut in our list. The light fringe is a great add-on with this style.

98. Buzzled Down Crop


Here’s an ultimate version of short crop! The delicate fade beautifully highlights the super short top part. Simple and chic.

99. Wavy Short Quiff


Adding texture is the best way to add extra volume to hair lengths. This haircut is a blended version of something between medium and short hair.

100. Low Fade and Top Scissors Crop


This super elegant line up takes your look to the next level. Low faded sides with shaped facial hair on top scissors crop is a terrific combination.

101. Burst Fade and Short Crop with Light Sideburns


If you think short haircuts are boring, this haircut will change your mind. Burst faded sides with thin sideburns is a focus element to compliment this clean-cut short crop.

102. French Crop and Line Up Without Fringe


I know adding a fringe to your look can completely transform your look, but it’s not compulsory to add it with every haircut. Without opting to fringe, you can too get the same effect by turning the tables.

103. Medium Fade and Short Faux Hawk


Here’s another variation of Faux Hawk with short hair on top. The purpose of the medium fade on the sides to add more weight on the top to attract more attention.

104. Taper-Fade and Side Part Brush Up


Side Part Brushed up hairstyles naturally gives a longer spin on short tresses. The balance taper-fade from all the sides and the volume on top, made this cut our favorite choice.

105. Medium Fade and Short Textured Crop


A textured crop is the best option to bring some uniqueness to your style. Here, it is combined with a classic manicured beard to give a finishing look.

106. Short Brush-Up and Undercut


Here’s another great hairstyle that shows how experimenting with texture can fully change your look. The cut is simple, long on top with trimmed short sides. It’s the texture that stands it different from other haircuts.

107. Modern Pompadour with Taper Fade and Beard


You need to taper up both sides using the hair clipper and make sure that you have enough volume on the top. Also, you need to be careful that your hair should not disintegrate while combing back. The length of the hair on the top part should be ideally 4 inches. 

108. Short Textured Quiff with Tapered Sides and Beard


You can understand that the hair around the neck should be shorter than the top. Also, the backside should be equally shorter. Ensure that the length of the hair around the neck and ear is not more than a centimeter. As usual, the length on the top side should be more than other parts. The objective is to achieve heavy textures all over that will give a messier look. Growing a beard on the face will give a finishing look. 

109. Buzz Cut with Short Sides


Best for square face shape, this haircut objective is to get a short length on both sides than the top. However, make sure that the top part’s length is less than a centimeter. Beard is optional for this haircut.

110. Fade with Brushed Back Hair


Having straight hair means you can do anything in the name of the experiment, and don’t let this opportunity in vain. While brushing back with the comb, make sure you apply low-shine pomade or wax on your hair.  

111. Low Taper Fade with Part and Textured Slick Back


112. Thick Comb Over with Razor Fade and Beard


113. Short Sides with Layered Top and Side Swept Hair


114. Curly Crew Cut with Side Swept Hair and Mid Fade


115. Hard Part Comb Over with Fade and Beard


116. High Crown Fade with Textured Tousled Hair


117. Textured Spiky Hair with Mid Fade and Edge Up


118. High Skin Fade with Spiky Quiff


119. Messy Hair with Low Taper Fade and Beard


120. Textured Spiky Hair with Skin Fade and Line Up


121. Low Taper Fade with Textured Side Swept Hair


122. Curly Hair Top with High Bald Fade


123. Hard Part Pompadour with High Fade


How to style short hair for men

How to style short hair for men

From the High and tight fade to the classic scissors cut, there are endless combinations you can experiment styling with your short hair.

The buzz cut, crew cut, or undercut fade on the sides are the most trending short men’s hairstyles.

In contrast with short hair on the sides, faded cuts emphasize the styling on long tresses on top.

According to your facial features, you can opt for different types of taper fade shades – short, mild, or bald and customize it to get your ideal cut.

The best thing with short hair is that with just 3 to 4 inches of length on top, you are still able to experiment with the best endless combinations. 

Start with clean showered hair, then gently towel-dry your hair but keep them some moist.

Get your hands-on top-rated hair products from leading brands to achieve your desired style.

Styling time

Talking about the styling time, a short haircut is the best option, you don’t need to stand in front of the mirror every morning. Buzzcut, crew cut, and tapered cuts are the most low-maintenance haircuts, and help you to enjoy some more time with your morning coffee.

Regular barbers visits  

Although these haircuts are easy to style they still require a little more care – for a spike and span look, a trim every 10-12 days will do the job. Nevertheless, if you daily want a tip-top look, it is recommended to regularly visit your barber for most short hairstyles.

Messy or structured 

In contrast to other longer cuts, short haircuts are naturally likely to be more structured and clean. Because the locks are trimmed so short, it holds its shape easily.

Use a brush or comb to adjust and style your hair for a perfect finish. Chunk your hair to one side or brush up straight, these simple tools will create a flawless effect. You can also use your digits to slightly give your hair a messy touch.

Want to try a more widespread look, however, you can always shift to a longer top. With lengthier hair you will have complete liberty to play with your favorite salt spray or gel for a tranquil vibe, paired with short trimmed sides, neat and tidy.

Texture and thickness

For men with thicker hair, a short haircut acts as a catalyst to prevent unruliness. Short sides and back is the best way to highlight your thick, voluminous hair, and guess what, it helps to save a lot more time.

On the other side, for men with a receding hairline, a short haircut is an excellent way to disguise thinning hair.

Short hairstyles for face shape

Short haircuts work beautifully with a strong jawline. Before opting for a short cut, consult a professional hairstylist, depending on your face shape, a haircut can ruin or make your look.

Square Face Shape

Square face shapes work great with a military cut, buzz cut, or crew cut. For men with wide cheekbones and an angular jawline, very close cuts are preferable.

Oval Face Shape

Oval shaped faces allow more space to experiment with different hairstyles. Most of the hair experts recommend not to go with too much thick hair on top and even with extremely short, as this can draw out an already elongated face.

Round Face Shape

Round face shapes are opposite, you need to emphasize the look by balancing a rounder face with more volume on top. Ask your barber to trim the back and sides shorter, but enough hair on top to style with. A medium quiff or no-fuss messy hairstyle could be ideal for complimenting your face here.

Triangle Face Shape

Triangular faces, pay attention, even though most short hairstyles will be flattering, it’s better to have a little bit more volume on the sides. In case, you’ve decided to go for a fade or taper, ensure that your tresses aren’t cut too close to your ear and below- try to keep some gap.

Diamond Face Shape 

Ask your barber to maintain thick, voluminous hair on top. Diamond faces feature strong cheekbones and a minor upper head. So, pairing a drawn-out fringe will surely balance everything out.


Short haircuts on men are tried and tested ways to retain a youthful artistic – not only they are easy to manage, but as I’ve mentioned, they create the illusion of thickness. This can be the bonus quality for men who want to enrich thinning hair.

Younger men also prefer short cuts as they give a neat, clean-cut style, with less use of hair products.

How to explain what you want to your barber

Before stepping into your saloon shop, it is better to get acquainted with some basic terminologies, which will help you to explain your ideal cut to your barber.

It’s better to take some efforts in advance rather than ending up with a baser haircut.

1. Firstly, the clippers:


This basic tool is universal and inevitable when it comes to men’s short hairstyles. I’m sure you may have been puzzled to hear haircuts defined as numerical:

I’ll have a 4, please”.

Rather than looking baffled, the barber will quickly get his hands on the clippers, attach something, and will start styling your hair.

Well, it is. That “something” your barber will attach to his clippers is nothing but simple “guard sizes”.

The guard sizes help to maintain a specific length around your cut and are positioned just before the blade.

The shortest cut (after 0) is ‘Number 1’ on the guard size it’s 0.3 centimeters (1/8 inch) which will give you the haircut to that length. While the longest cut is ‘Number 8’, which is 2.5 centimeters (1 inch).

2. Fade


Though a lot of time the fade cut is traded with the tapered cut, the fade cuts stand with their classic features. Comparing it with other haircuts, it’s slightly shorter than a tapered cut, the locks are often shaved right straight to skin at the shortest portions. The shade shapes slowly lengthening moving towards the head, leaving voluminous hair on top.

There are different versions in the fade, too.

A low fade gives you a conservative look and starts just above the ear. In contrast, a high fade starts much higher on top and curves round, giving a sleek, edgy look.

The fade method is usually paired with other styles, such as spiked hair or the combover.

1. Taper Fade


When you ask your barber for a tapered cut, it literally means your hair will be tapered from the shortest length at the beginning of your neck, to longer above your ears. Generally, tapered cuts come with slightly shorter hair on the sides, with voluminous hair on top.

2. Undercut Fade


The undercut has been the key ingredient in edgy haircuts. Requesting for an undercut, you’ll get shaved back and sides, gradual contrasts with substantial long hair on top.

To completely transform your look, you can your barber to give the shorter parts cut with a fade.

3. Bangs Fade or Fringe Fade


Don’t mix. ‘Bangs’ and ‘Fringe’ are tautology, different words but stands for the same meaning.

For men with messy hair, fringes look stylish when they’re swept to the side. Clean, trimmed fringes also pair with the crew and buzzcuts very beautifully.

4. Quiff Fade


The quiff is truly a flattering style from the decades. Usually, barbers leave some hair out to allow you to experiment with it. It’s versatile and you can apply a lot of products to maintain that retro bounce associated with the quiff.

Feel free to pair it with fades and undercuts, as this style is more focused on highlighting the top hair up and forward to get that iconic shape.

5. Pompadour Fade


Honestly, pompadour works best with long hair on top, as it gives a smooth combed back. Much like a quiff cut, it’s the styling that plays the key role. The only difference between a quiff and pompadour is that the quiff is brushed up and forward, while the pomp is styled back. To retain them in shape, it is recommended to use a strong pomade.

6. Modern Bowl Cut


I’m sure this article will surely eliminate any conjectures you had about the bowl cut. The modern bowl has gained popularity in the late 20s. For a chic haircut, request your barber for a light fade from long to short, while keeping the longer top rough and uneven.

Want to stand out different from others, ask for an undercut to get a blunt contrast between the bowl and the shorter locks.

7. Military Cut


A military cut features a very short fade, emphasizing slightly longer hair on the top. It is a clean-cut, sharp, low-maintenance, and modern cut.

Frequently asked questions related to Men’s short hairstyles

1.What are the best short haircuts?

I know it will irritate you, but there is no fixed answer to this question. Talking about the one I like the most is the crew cut and its different variations. The reason is it’s extremely versatile and easy to style, the crew cut is the most favorite haircut for me.

2. What is the best haircut for short hair?

Honestly, there are endless options for haircuts. If you want a ‘ready-to-go’ and minimal maintenance style, a buzz cut or crew cut would be an ideal choice. For guys who want to wear a little distinct haircut, an undercut with a lengthier top allows a wide range of combinations to style with.

3. What is the best hair cut for boys?

Want to get a hairstyle for your son, which is quick to style, but remains shrewd throughout the day. Short haircuts such as the faux hawk and the Ivy League are the best styles for cool young generations.

How to Style Short Hair For Men

Straight Hair


Straight hair is quite normal in men. If your hair grows from the follicle outward and doesn’t blend, curl, or twist, you have straight hair. This hair type always remains in demand among guys because it goes well with all the best hairstyles, including the quiff, comb over, spiky, slick back, a pompadour, and faux hawk styles.

Searching for the best hair products for straight hair, your major concern will likely be choosing the style you want and making sure the product you use has enough strength to hold it. Much like, if you want to achieve a shiny look, a product with moderate to high shine will do the job. In contrast, for a cool textured hairstyle, low shine or matte products will get you a more natural look.

Search for products that will help you style your favorite stylish men’s hairstyles.

For guys with fine or thinning hair, look for a hair product that enhances a little volume, such as a styling cream with fibers, a strong pomade, or a hair wax for the thickness offered by beeswax.

Want to try a wet look, get your hands on a high shine gel or pomade. Apply a wax, clay, or cream to achieve a finished look with plenty of volume and swift.

One thing I highly recommend is restricting yourself to use certain types of products. Don’t select a product that’s specially made for curly or wavy hair; instead, choose a product that will amend you and hold the style you desire.

Wavy Hair


Do you have wavy hair? If your tresses mature out with anywhere from a slight wave to a relatively tight bend. For men with short wavy hair, styling is not a big challenge and can be achieved the same way as straight hair. In contrast, if you have longer hair, the waves become more attractive.

Wavy hair tends to become more frizzy and dry, so hydrating and conditioning your waves should be your utmost concern. Well, while applying the best hair product for wavy hair, begin with washing your hair with good quality shampoos and conditioners to get better results. Also, there is a wide range of good styling products designed to provide moisture for wavy hair.

Matte pomade is the best product that splits individual waves while playing with the tousled, messy, or textured hairstyle. Further, you can also apply a moisture-rich hairspray after creating your style to nurture and add quality to your hair. However, don’t miss to enhance your waves as it emphasizes more value to your unique hairstyle.

Another good product you can try is a mousse, but much like gel, it can also parch your hair if it’s not used consciously. If you choose a mousse to outline your waves, it is recommended to use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner in advance to maintain optimum hair care.

On the other hand, stay away from using gels, which are keen to dry out your hair with big amounts of alcohol.

Curly Hair


Curly hair is not easy to style, but nowadays there are a variety of stylish curly hairstyles for men, so it’s better to embrace such hair types. From pomades to creams, plenty of good hair products are available to enhance your curls. You can also get your hands on some top-rated sea salt sprays, they stand with their unique set of benefits.

Similar to wavy hair, curly hair dries out and gets frizzy, especially when the air is humid. Such a climate can completely ruin the best curly hair hairstyles. Thankfully, the solution is very simple, request your barber for a short haircut like a fringe, crew cut, buzz cut, or curly hair fade, some of the trending modern styles require medium to longer length tresses.

When choosing the best hair products for curly hair, you should focus on the definition, hold, and moisture. Consider a moisturizing, curl enhancer to maintain and define your curls. To add more volume and swiftness to your every curly tresses, you apply good quality curl creams.

However, it is recommended not to use any kind of gel or clay. These will not only flatter your curls down and lose your hairstyle, but also dry your hair. Also, avoid using hairspray as it can backlog on curls and pull them down; but you can use specially designed hairspray products that moisturize and outline curls.

The same rule applies for a high-quality hair gel or clay – some of the top brands have been successful to switch to zero alcohol formulas and added elements that will nurture your hair and scalp to tame kink.

Thin Hair


For men with thin hair, they have to take special care of their tresses as they are delicate and easy to break. Although there is a wide range of good hairstyles for fine hair, getting stylish cuts and styles and coupling them with the right products might require some expert advice. For example, the best hair products for thin hair will help you to get a thicker, voluminous look and feel.

Beeswax and kaolin clay are two key elements that can help in this respect. At the same time, don’t forget to use a hair loss shampoo and conditioner to eliminate shrinking and stimulate hair growth.

Want to give a messy, textured look to your thin hairs, matte products will surely help. Such hairstyles disguise your head’s surface area and prevent revealing the scalp. Avoid using shiny and neat hairstyles, they may cluster your hair, exposing the issue at the same.

In contrast, apply some hair products that tend to have light to medium hold to add extra volume. This will create a thickening effect and allow you to experiment with the number of trendy haircuts.

Best Hair Products For Different Hair Types

For guys with short hair, you can play with endless styling products depending on the level of shine you need and the type of your hair. It is recommended to use top-rated pomade, wax, or clay to get the most out of your hairstyles. Here you can choose hair product based on your hair type

Straight Hair 

For guys with straight hair, your main concern should find high-quality hair products that will help you hold the style you want. Avoid searching for a product designed especially for straight hair. Try experimenting with – waxes and pomades the most popular – to see which one is ideal for you.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair often tends to dry out and get frizzy, so it is recommended to get some moisturizing hair products for men. Search for good quality pomades and creams with nourishing ingredients, and if you want to try a beachy taste, consider a sea salt spray to help nurture your waves and smoothen your hair.

Kinky Hair 

Among all the different hair types, it is a struggle to deal with kinky hair. Forget soft curls, the main concern is to handle its sharp angles, which can lead to dryness and frizz. The best solution is to regularly apply creams and oils, to moisturize and remove humidity. Avoid often grooming your hair while it’s parching and stay away from harsh sun rays. Oil and cream can work wonders if applied correctly.

Curly Hair 

Men with curly hair have the best results with products that define, soften, and moisturize. Mousses, creams, pomades, and oils are all great choices, so be sure to try each one – or a combination of these – until you’ve discovered the right mix for your curly hairstyle. Sea salt spray can make hair feel softer and define curls.

Best Hair Products For Short Hair | Men

The market is filled with a wide variety of hair products for men with short hair. Whether it’s pomade or hair waxes to creams and clays, there are the best styling products for short hair. You want to use wax vs pomade or clay vs cream depends on which style you want to wear and for how much time it needs to retain itself and the level of shine you need. Moreover, even top-rated hair products won’t give the same results with all hair types.



Pomade is an ideal choice for those who want medium to strong hold with moderate to a high shine for their short hairstyles. It’s flexible, can be used with wavy, straight, curly, thick hair, making it one of the top-rated hair products to use. From the comb over to the slick back, spiked hair, quiff, short pompadour, and even a classic side part, a good-quality pomade will work beautifully for your trendy haircut.



Usually hair wax is medium hold in the form of matte with low or medium shine. Wax gives the best results with short haircuts that need volume, texture, and movement. Most of the wax hair products are beeswax, which makes tresses look fuller and thicker, styling wax is an ideal choice for men with a receding hairline.

Cream and Clay


Styling creams and clays tend to enhance volume and body to any short haircut. They provide medium to low holding capacity and a variety of finishes, from matte to low to modest shine, a good hair clay or cream can be the best product for short hair that needs a natural look and touch. For guys who desire plenty of thickness and flow for that striking, textured style, check some awesome top-rated cream and clay products.

Avoid using poor-quality gel or cream. Substandard hair gels can make your hair taut and scrunchy, allowing them to peel and parched out. On the other hand, while using a cream won’t have the same effects as that of gel, but it doesn’t have enough holding strength to retain and style short hair.

Once you get a better understanding of your hair and its natural property to kink, curl, or get down straight, it will be easy to choose the right products for your requirements. Always remember that even the top-rated hair products for men won’t give the same results with all hair types. Further, you have a blend of styles like thinning short hair, in such cases, it’s better to check your hair type and length beforehand.

Choosing the right styling products for your hair type is not an easy task and may require some consultation, but this guide is the best resource to start with. With the help of information included in this guide, selecting the best hair products for men will no longer be an issue.

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