Wearing A Suit: Why Is It Important and How to Do It In 11 Steps In 2021

If we look at the fashion trend, then one thing we are clear about is that wearing a suit never goes out of fashion. A suit is the king of style. The best thing about it is that you can wear it at any place and in any circumstance. Guys prefer comfort, and that’s why jeans and casual look. But a study shows that women prefer a guy in a suit than jeans or any other casual outfit. And the good news is any man can look good in a suit. 

Women love suits like men love lingerie. So there is no reason to avoid suit on any occasion, whether it’s a date or a meeting or party. No matter how you look, a suit can give you a gentleman look if you choose the color carefully and of course, it should be well fitted. Even if you are still confused, I will give you three reasons why should you start wearing suits or give at least a try?

It shows success

Not all people are wearing a suit regularly. But that doesn’t mean that only a few people wear it. People wear them on special occasions. When it comes to memorable moments, then definitely the outfit should be unique, and of course, nothing is more special than a suit. Generally, when a person wears a suit, it gives a striking impression. It makes an impression of a successful person, and usually, women want a successful partner. 

No matter who wears a suit, it shows a touch of class and makes the impression that you have something different. When we wear a suit, we tend to adopt a better posture, which makes us confident. It also helps us make up for other areas of our physical appearance in which we have a lack of confidence. 

When a man has confidence, he looks more sexy and elegant because it acts as a supplement to his personality and a confident man possesses success and who doesn’t like a successful man! A person who wears a suit makes an impression of some highly-respected profession, making them different from others.

It makes us think differently

Wearing formal clothes makes us confident, and it changes the way we see the world. The study shows that wearing formal clothes than usual makes you think broadly. According to a study at California State University, people who are wearing a suit can make strong financial decisions. They don’t care about minor problems while making big decisions. They can think about the future in an abstract process, which helps them skip immediate purchases being tempted by the current situation instead of long-term savings. 

This attitude is called abstract thinking. An abstract thinker always has a problem-solving attitude and positively receives criticism. A study at Yale University by Professor Michel Kraus, suggests that men in suits are better at negotiating in professional dealing than men who don’t wear suits. Because during the interaction, your interacting partner allows you to be dominant himself; that’s why you have a less compromising attitude, which gives you more profit. The study also showed that those who don’t wear suits have a higher heartbeat rate during negotiation, which eventually made them nervous, due to which they failed to achieve their desired result.

Girls find it attractive

When a person wears a suit, he makes an effort with his appearance, which tends to let women believe that he will apply this effort to other parts of his life. While we wear a suit, we usually pay attention to grooming, which also gets attention. The suit appears to be more mature than other outfits, and generally, women prefer mature guys, which will encourage them to get to know you better. 

A well-fitted suit always gets attention no matter where you are what you are doing. Believe it or not, girls notice it! But make sure that you don’t tailor it like your old school suit which you never wear after your graduation but suddenly you decide to wear it. 

Be careful about your body size. The suit which you purchase for your last family function may not fit well like it was before. Anyone can wear a suit, but a gentleman knows how to wear it well. Be aware of your comfort while choosing it because women will quickly notice whether you are wearing a suit or let it overpower you. 

So always pay attention before purchasing, that you will be able to walk comfortably and do everything you need to do while wearing it. When you wear it in the right environment, you will win the game. No matter what we say or do, firstly, we all are judged by our dressing style. When we dress well, it boosts our confidence, and it makes a positive reaction from those with whom we are interacting. When you wear a suit, you look smartly dressed; that’s the reason why women have a soft spot for men in suits.

How to wear a suit in a gentleman style- 11 steps

We have discussed the reason for wearing it, but it is useless if you don’t know how to wear a suit. Here are the steps to wear it like a gentleman.

Select Suits For different seasons

For Summer & Spring: This is not a perfect time to wear but integrating cotton fabrics like khaki and linen can help to stay comfortable in these seasons.

For cold seasons: During the cold months, fabrics like corduroy and tweed can keep you warm with a dapper look, and there is no perfect time to wear it than cold months.

Check if it fits 

wearing suits

The first rule of thumb is not only applicable to the suit but also everywhere. And if it doesn’t fit, you must not use it at any cost, no matter how attractive it is. The problems with ill-fitting clothes are uncomfortable, which ultimately affects your confidence level, and the whole time you will spend to adjust this. It is not a good idea at all. 

Before buying a suit, keep in mind the following points. 

  • For larger size, don’t buy the oversize suit; instead, use a bright pocket square to drop the attention from big belly
  • If your height is short, consider buying the short suit instead of long because it will make you look shorter than usual.
  • Make sure the shoulder is not too loose or tight.
  • For thinner physic, slim-fit and for heavier guys, straight-fit.

In case you are heavier, avoid using pleats because your pants will look excessively loose; it is better to use flat-front pants.

Choose the right color for your suit 

suit color

Usually, dark color suits are more popular, and most of the people are using black color, but they tend to ignore that this is not the first and last color. Yes, we admit that it’s an appealing color but doesn’t represent the style alone, and in fact, it looks more like political attire instead of a business suit or party wear. We admit the importance of the black suit; however, there are other alternatives too, like charcoal, navy blue, and grey suit.

Look at the lapels, collars & shirts


While choosing a suit, it is necessary to check lapels, collar, and shirt details, which is required as the size is. There are two types of lapels; 

  1. A standard notch lapel that comes with different width.
  2. A slimmer side, which is trendy and gives a modern look.

A shirt is the most necessary cloth after the suit, and it is as important as the suit, which gives the overall look of a man. Before buying a well-fitted shirt, it is necessary to observe the neck and arm length and one finger rule, which means the finger should be fitted between the collar and neck.

The last button of the suit must be open

rule of thumb while wearing suits

The worst mistakes people are doing while wearing a suit is closing the last button. It does not matter if you are wearing a double button or triple button suit; you should always leave it open. The rule of thumb is the middle button will be closed. Don’t forget to unbutton the suit while sitting. 

Wear a sweat-proof undershirt


Another most important rule you need to follow before wearing a suit is the use of undershirts. If you are sweating, it will make the situation worsen for you and the people around you. An undershirt will block the sweat and smell that will save your shirt and coat. You will look fresh even in the hottest climate. 

Choose the right shirt for the suit

Make sure that the color of the shirt is different from your suit. 

Avoid multi-colored and choose a single-colored shirt because a suit is always formal. When it comes to choosing the right color, it is better to use a lighter or contrasting color. 

Sometimes, the shirt collar is too small or close around the neck, and is best if you don’t wear a necktie. If you are planning to use a necktie, make sure that the shirt collar is close around the neck without tightening it. 

Buttons play an essential role, and when you are planning to purchase, check them carefully, including those present at shirt cuffs. Some manufacturers use cheap quality buttons that reflect on the shirt. It depends on the price, but your main focus to check if those buttons are loose or not, and they should look smooth on the shirt. Check if the shirt cuff fits with your hand and doesn’t reach to the top of your hands.   

Select a perfect tie


If you don’t want to wear a tie, that is fine. In case you are planning to wear a tie, make sure that follows the style rules. While selecting, make sure that it is darker than the shirt. It will create balance. Avoid pattern style while choosing a tie. One colored tie is best for the suit. A suit with a tie looks perfect if the tie has a dimple. If you want to achieve the dimple, buy a thick and silk-made or cashmere tie, not the one made with cotton. For a perfect style, the length of the tie plays an essential role, and when you wear it, it should not cross the belt, but that doesn’t mean you will use an extra short.   

Choosing the right suit pants

right suit pants for suit

Without choosing the best suit pants, the style is incomplete. While wearing a suit, you can’t wear a random one. If you are doing this, it means you are ruining everything. Even if you buy the most expensive suits and shoes that fit you, a suit pant can destroy them if you don’t select them wisely. While choosing the suit pants, follow these rules;

  • Never buy saggy dress pants unless you want to look awkward. 
  • Your suit pants should fit your waist without using the belt.
  • The backside of the pants should not be too tight or saggy. It should look connected to the butt.   
  • The gap between the fabric and your thigh should be 2.5 CM. Don’t reduce or increase the gap.
  • Suit pants should be narrower towards the ankle.
  • Leave the edge of the suit pants slightly broken.   

Choose the right belt for your suit

The belt is an integral part of a suit, and it defines how you represent yourself. To choose the right belt for your suit, you need to focus on the right size. 

  • Your belt size should be one size bigger than your waist. For example, if your waist is 32, you should use a 34 sized belt. 
  • The best color and shoe color should be the same, and this is a must-follow rule. 
  • Use a formal belt instead of a casual one. 

The right shoes for your suit

The shoes will act as a finishing line in the style game, and there is no way of compromising it. We have mentioned earlier that shoes and belt color should be the same, but now the biggest question, which shoes are best for suits?

The rule of thumbs is Oxford shoes, but it can vary depending on the situation. For color, here is how you need to choose;

Black Suit- Black Shoes

Dark Grey Suit- Black Shoe/Burgundy 

Light Grey Suit- Black Shoe/ Brown Shoes

Beige Suit- Light Brown Shoes

Navy Suit- Black/Brown/Burgundy 

Final Thoughts

A suit is the classic wear and will be there for the next century even the style of wear will be the same as it was before 50 years; however, it’s not like to get the job done by wearing anyhow. The use of a suit differentiates a gentleman from the ordinary man. We prefer to tell the man whom ladies want to see. Your style can explain whether you are a business person or the charming and confident guy for which girls can fall. Although it looks tough for a regular guy to wear the suit; however, it’s not as difficult as it seems to be. All you need to follow the proper instruction. 

 Sources: Instagram @thesuitcam/@jakobkonnbjer 



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