August 10, 2022
Best haircut for men

The art of style starts from your hair, and when we are talking about how to choose the best haircut for your face, it doesn’t mean to follow your favorite celebrity.

For most of the people, cool hair cuts not always become cool and trust me, once or multiple times we all face a situation where our hairstyle ruins our looks. 

There is no dearth of people who can advise you how to choose a haircut even if you don’t ask just because it suits someone else.

To be honest, there is no one size fits all when we are discussing different hairstyles for men, however, that doesn’t mean finding best hair cuts are difficult.

In simple, good hairstyles for men have some rules, and it’s pretty easy to follow. Here is a guide to know how to choose the new hairstyle according to your face shape.  

How to know what hairstyle fits you

How To Choose The Best Haircut For Your Face

Choosing a hairstyle according to your face is not difficult if you know your face shape.

Whether you want Hrithik Roshan’s hairstyle or any other celebrity hairstyle, your haircut depends on the structure of the face, and here, you need to understand your facial structure first before approaching a barber. 

How to determine face shape

Before we cover different face shapes and hairstyles, we should address the primary question; how to determine face shape. 

Find my face shape

To find your face shape, you can follow two methods

  1. Determine face shape manually
  2. Use face shape app

Determine face shape manually

To measure face shapes, you need 

  1. A mirror
  2. Measurement tape
  3. A pen

Steps to measure face shape

You need to measure

  1. Face Length 
  2. Forehead Width
  3. Cheekbone width
  4. Jawline

You need to use a measuring tape and write down the details  

1. Face length 

face shapes

Distance between the point of the chin to the tip of your hairline.

2. Forehead Width

face shape oval

From the peak of one eyebrow to another horizontally.

Put the middle finger at the outer end of the eyebrow and slide it up towards the hairline and stop at the halfway. 

The distance between the middle and index finger is the widest part of the forehead.

3. Cheekbone width

face shaper

You can find your cheekbone by putting your finger at the outer corner of your eyes. 

4. Jawline

face shape for men

Jawline: From one point to another point of the jaw horizontally 

Put your thumb below the ear and the middle finger at the center of the jawbone and multiply this length with two to determine the entire length of the jaw.  

In case you want a readymade solution, there are some face shape apps available that will work as a face shape detector. 

List of face shape finder

Here are some face shape app you can use to determine your face shape

Face Shape App

Face Shape finder

Face Shape App is a website, where you can upload a picture and check your face shape. 

Make sure that you have a camera facing image without smiling, and wearing anything like glass or hat.  

You can visit here, and it will work best on your computer. 

For Android

My Face Shape Meter match and try eyeglass frames

face shape detector app

This Android app can help you to identify your face shape from your photo. 

Whether you are looking for hair cutting style for men or want to check sunglasses that fit your face; this face app has the answer.

Download Here

For iOS

Find Your Face Shape

face shape detector app

This iOS face app can help you to identify your face shape by taking a photo. 

Keep in mind that while taking a photo, you should not wear any glass or shouldn’t smile. 

Though this app is for females only, still, you can use it to identify your face shape. 

P.S: Don’t try those hairstyles in that app; those are for females

Download Here 

Now, you got an idea about the measurements; it’s time to know about face shapes.

Usually, male face shapes are seven types:

  1. Triangular
  2. Diamond
  3. Heart  
  4. Oval 
  5. Round
  6. Rectangular/Oblong  
  7. Square

Triangular Shape

Triangular face shape

This shape has a wide jawline with a small forehead and here, cheekbones are wider than the forehead. 

Jawline > Cheekbone > Forehead 

Haircut for a triangular face  

For triangular shape, medium hair length is good, and add some volume to the side part that can be useful to highlight the forehead.

If you want a short hair cut, the hair volume should be cut in a way on the top corner to show the depth of jawline and don’t cut too much on the top. 

For adjustment, textures are useful that could ensure the presence of bulk.  

Best hairstyle for triangular face: French crops, textured quiffs, and fringes

What haircut should I get for triangular face shape

Even though you know you have a triangular face shape, still, you can’t decide what haircut should I get.

Though we have mentioned above about hairstyles, however, here we are going to mention for short, medium and long hair. 

Short hairstyle for triangular faces

Short hairstyle for triangular face
  • French Crop haircut
  • Caesar haircut
  • Side Part Haircut

Medium hairstyle for triangular faces

Medium hairstyle for triangular face
  • Comb Over Haircut
  • Fringe haircut 
  • Pompadour haircut

Long hairstyle for triangular faces

Long hairstyle for triangular face
  • Man Bun Hairstyles
  • Swept Back Hairstyles

Diamond Shape 

diamond face shape

A diamond-shaped face has a small jawline, and wide cheekbones, a pointy chin, and a narrow forehead.

Face Length > Cheekbone Width > Forehead Width > Jawline

Haircut for a diamond face shape

For a diamond-shaped face, make sure that the forehead is wide and do a haircut which should add some bulk there like a textured crop. 

Don’t cut hair from the short side, else the forehead will look more narrow. 

Long hair is recommended for diamond-shaped face, and you should avoid aggressive cuts.       

Best hairstyle for diamond face shape: Angular Fringe cut, A textured crop 

What haircut should I get for diamond face shape

Here are some best hairstyle for diamond face shape

Short hairstyle for diamond faces

Short hairstyle for diamond face
  • Military Buzz Cut hairstyle
  • Caesar Hairstyle

Medium hairstyle for diamond face

Medium hairstyle for diamond faces
  • Comb Over Hairstyle
  • Fringe Hairstyle
  • Pompadour Hairstyle 

Long hairstyle for diamond face

Does long hair suit diamond shape?

Long hairstyle for diamond faces

To be honest, long hairstyles are best for a diamond face shape.
If you are a fan of long hair, you can try

  • Slick Back Hairstyle 
  • Pompadour

Heart face 

heart face shape

A heart-shaped face has a large forehead than jawline and cheekbones, and the chin is pointed with cheek lines.

Forehead Width > Cheekbone Width > Jawline

Hairstyle for heart face shape

For the best heart face shape hairstyle, medium size hair is suitable with windswept styles. 

For a better look, volume-controlled sides and back are good where hair will grow slowly. 

As the forehead is wide, avoid tight cut on sides else the width of the forehead will increase. 

Best haircut for heart face shape: A textured fringe, dimensional quiff, windswept styles

What haircut should I get for heart face shape

For a heart-shaped face, you should refrain from getting a short haircut.

Though a short hairstyle for heart face is acceptable, still, a medium haircut will give a better look. 

Short hairstyle for heart face shape

Short hairstyle for heart face shapes
  • Buzz Cut Hairstyle
  • Side Part Hairstyle

Medium hairstyle for heart face shape

Medium hairstyle for heart face

Medium hairstyle is the best haircut for Heart face shape. Here are some best medium hairstyles for heart face.

  • Comb Over Hairstyle
  • Fringe Hairstyle

Long hairstyle for heart face shape

Long hairstyle for heart face

The recommended long haircut for heart face shape is the Swept Back hairstyle.  

Oval Face shape

oval shaped face

In simple, it’s like an upside-down egg. The jawline is rounded and forehead is wider than it and face length is larger than cheekbones. 

Oval face shape hairstyle

Oval face shape is ideal for style and they look good with any type of hairstyle and in fact, they can follow the beard style of their choice too, and still, they will look attractive.

If you want best oval face shape hairstyle, feel free to experiment, however, a classic short back and side and a little length on the top we can suggest. 

Best hairstyle for oval face shape: Pompadour, side part or quiff

What haircut should I get for Oval face shape

Though you have a rare opportunity to do experiments on different hairstyles, however, the only thing you should do is to avoid forward fringes. 

Short hairstyle for oval face shape

Short hairstyle for oval face
  • Caesar Hairstyle
  • Crew Cut Fade Hairstyle
  • Side Part Hairstyle

Medium hairstyle for oval face shape

Medium hairstyle for oval face
  • Comb Over Hairstyle 
  • Faux Hawk Hairstyle 
  • Pompadour Hairstyle
  • Undercut Hairstyle

Long hairstyle for oval face shape

Long hairstyle for oval face
  • Man Bun Hairstyle
  • Swept Back Hairstyle

Round face shape

round shaped face

In a round face shape, forehead and jawline length are equal and face length and cheekbone length are equal, but cheekbone is wider than jawline and forehead.
The angle of the jaw is also soft in a round shape face. 

Forehead= Jawline

Face length= cheekbone

Cheekbone > Forehead and Jawline

Haircut for round face shape

For the best round face shape hairstyle, you should follow a style that gives some length to your face. In case you want to make an angular effect, keep both sides short which will be appealing. 

Best haircut for round face shape: Pompadours, quiffs, brush backs, French crops

What haircut should I get for round face shape

Having a round face shape means lacking some features, but you can get a better look by creating some textures and sharp layers.

In case you are depressed, keep in mind that celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio have round face shape.

Short hairstyle for round face shape

Short hairstyle for round face
  • Crew Cut Hairstyle

Medium hairstyle for round face shape

Medium hairstyle for round face
  • Faux Hawk Hairstyle
  • Pompadour Hairstyle 
  • Undercut Hairstyle

Long hairstyle for round face shape

Long hairstyle for round face
  • Man Bun Hairstyle 

Rectangular face/Oblong face shape

oblong shaped face

It’s a combination of square and oval shape where the face length is long but forehead, cheekbones, and jawline have the same size which looks like a square.

Hairstyle for rectangular face shape

To choose the best oblong face shape hairstyle, you need to keep some points in mind. 

As the face is longer, you should avoid some types of haircuts that could make your head thinner. Here, you should avoid the Beaker effect hairstyle.

For best hair cuts, you should follow a hairstyle that can make a balance between two sides and the top of your hair. Also, avoid adding too much volume to make everything neat. 

Best hairstyle for rectangular face shape: Pompadour, side part, Textured haircuts.

What haircut should I get for rectangular face shape

As the oblong face has a balanced structured shape, most of the hairstyles will suit well on your face. 

Short hairstyle for rectangular face shape

Short hairstyle for rectangular face
  • Buzz Cut Hairstyle 
  • Caesar Hairstyle

Medium hairstyle for rectangular face shape

Medium hairstyle for rectangular face
  • Comb Over Hairstyle
  • Fringe Hairstyle

Long hairstyle for rectangular face shape

Long hairstyle for rectangular face shape
  • Man Bun Hairstyle
  • Swept Back Hairstyle

Square face shape

square face shape

Here, forehead and cheekbone have the same measurements, but the jaw angle is sharp and is considered as versatile shape. 

Best hairstyle for square face shape

This is considered as best face shape as you will look attractive with different types of hairstyle. For the best square face shape hairstyle, you should go for a haircut that makes your face lengthy. 

Best haircuts for square face shape: Undercut, French crops, quiffs

What haircut should I get for square face shape

When your shape matches David Beckham’s face shape, it’s not difficult to impress tight and neat cuts. 

Short hairstyle for square face shape

Short hairstyle for square face shape
  • Buzz Cut Hairstyle 
  • Caesar Hairstyle
  • Crew Cut Hairstyle
  • Side Part Hairstyle 

Medium Hairstyle for Square face shape

Medium Hairstyle for Square face shape
  • Comb Over Hairstyle
  • Faux Hawk Hairstyle 
  • Undercut hairstyle 

Long Hairstyle for Square face shape

Long Hairstyle for Square face shape
  • Man Bun Hairstyle
  • Swept Back Hairstyle 

What hairstyle would suit me

men's style haircut

Even though you got to know about different hairstyles for men, still you have doubts that how to choose a better men’s style haircut according to your face size. 

Put in mind that oval face shape is common for a male haircut, and here you should pick a style that should give you an oval face look. 

You first need to know your face shape and for this, you have to measure. 

Common hairstyles for men

what hairstyle suits me men

There are countless hairstyles available for each face shape that ultimately arises the question, exactly what haircut would look good on me.

The answer is it depends on various factors. Let’s make it simple.

Earlier, we have mentioned about hairstyles based on your face shape. Here we are going to mention some common hairstyles used by different face shapes. 

These are the most common haircuts for men that every hairstylist uses although each haircut has its separate list.  

Common short hairstyles for men

The easiest way to looking stylish with a low maintenance hairstyle is a short haircut. 

We already busy in our hectic work schedule and it’s not possible many of us to spend time in front of the mirror for a stylish hairstyle. Here are some common hairstyles for short haircuts.

The best short hairstyle for men is French Crop Haircut and Buzzcut. 

French Crop Haircut


It is one of the best short haircut styles for men.

What is a French crop haircut?

Short hair on the top with undercut or taper fade, French Crop is similar to Caesar Cut.

The only difference between them is that the French version requires more length on the top or in other words, a long fringe. 

The length of the top hair depends on personal choice.  

What face shape is best for french crop hairstyle?

Faces that suit french crop haircut are 

  • Triangular face shape
  • Square face shape


what is my face shape men

The hairstyle had been invented in the late 19th century, and gain popularity during the second world war.  

Those who don’t have time for maintaining hairstyles can get this.

What is a buzz cut?

A buzz cut is achieved by using electric clippers.

Though Buzz cut includes different styles like a crew cut, ivy league, however, it has its separate identity. 

With the same length of the beard as hair, this hairstyle will give a stylish look even though you don’t have an impressive amount of hair on your head. 

What face shape is best for a buzz cut hairstyle?

Faces that suit buzz cut hairstyles are 

  • Oblong face 
  • Diamond face shape
  • Square face shape

Crew Cut hairstyle

What is crew cut

It’s a generic term that came due to its popularity in the military.

Most of the very short hairstyles are termed as a crew cut. 

What is a crew cut?

Same as a buzz cut, but here, hair is tapered in the back and side that we usually say fade.

What face shape is best for a crew cut hairstyle?

Faces that suit crew cut hairstyles are 

  • Round face shape
  • Square face shape
  • Oval face shape

Side Part Hairstyle

What is side part haircut?

Also known as a regular haircut, the hairstyle is one of those few who have survived with the time due to its versatility. 

It’s versatile as this style is suitable for both casual and formal situations. 

What is a side part haircut?

As its name says, this timeless hairstyle involves side cut, but there are more than side parts. 

Here, the top part is also involved which gives a short and neat style. 

What face shape is best for a side part hairstyle?

Faces that suit side part hairstyles are 

  • Triangular face shape
  • Oval face shape
  • Square face shape

Caesar cut Haircut

What is Caesar cut hairstyle?

This haircut became popular back in 1950, but it has an old history dated back to the Roman civilization. 

What is Caesar cut hairstyle?

It’s a short and horizontally straight cut named after Roman emperor Julius Caesar. 

On the top side, the length should be the same all over with the top brushed forward, but it could vary as short like a crew cut.  

What face shape is best for a caesar hairstyle?

  • Square face shape
  • Oval Face shape
  • Triangular face shape
  • Diamond face shape

Common medium hairstyles for men

Medium haircut is the most popular hairstyles as the majority of men prefer a style where they will look good without worrying too much.

In short haircut, you need to cut it regularly to maintain the balance, but for the medium hairstyle, it’s not necessary.  

As most of the people prefer such haircut, this often raises the question that what hairstyle is right for me. 

We have mentioned about different face shapes and medium hairstyles according to that. 

Here we are going to mention common medium haircuts for men that all hairstylists are following. 

Fringe Hairstyle

What is a fringe hairstyle

Even though it was popular for a short period, still, it’s considered as an authentic style. 

If a celebrity still looks good in this style, he is none other than Tom Cruise, and people having square face shape can try this. 

What is a fringe hairstyle

In a fringe (bangs) haircut, hair doesn’t stay away from the forehead, and falls all over the scalp and covers it. 

It sometimes covers eyes though some people prefer hair not to cross their eyes. 

Bangs original meaning is bang-off hair cut which means straight across at the front. 

What face shape is best for a fringe hairstyle?

  • Square face shape
  • Triangle face shape
  • Heart face shape
  • Diamond face shape

Undercut Hairstyle

What is an undercut hairstyle

This haircut made a comeback after the long period though it was quite popular during the early 1990s.

Surprisingly, once it was a symbol of poverty during its early stage, and people chose this hairstyle as they couldn’t afford a barber who can offer a regular haircut. 

This haircut has a rich history and is associated with some controversies too. 

What is an undercut hairstyle

In this haircut, back and sides are faded while the top part, hair is parted either on the center or side. 

The hair transition between the top and temple is not smooth and continuous. 

What face shape is best for an undercut hairstyle?

  • Square face shape
  • Oval face shape
  • Oblong face shape

Comb Over Haircut

What is Comb over hairstyle

Though it was popular among bald people who wanted to create an impression of hair on their heads by using this style, however, later it became a style statement. 

What is a Comb over hairstyle

In this haircut, the grown side of hair needs to be combed over the bald area. 

Here, the focus is to increase the volume of the hair on the top part and to adjust on both sides. 

What face shape is best for a Comb over hairstyle?

  • Heart face shape
  • Triangle face shape
  • Square face shape
  • Oval face shape
  • Diamond face shape 

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

What is fohawk hairstyle

Also known as fohawk, is one of the most trending men’s hairstyles of our generation.

Celebrities like Christian Ronaldo and David Beckham have a great contribution in making it popular.  

What is a Faux Hawk hairstyle

In this haircut, both sides have short hair with a crest on the top part.

On the top part, the volume of the hair is more with a flow from the back to form a crest. 

What face shape is best for a Faux Hawk hairstyle?

  • Oval face shape
  • Square face shape
  • Round face shape
  • Heart face shape

Pompadour Haircut

What is Pompadour hairstyle

Named after Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Luis XV of France, this hairstyle was initially for women, but later it gained a place in men’s hairstyle.

Till the late 60s, it was a trendy hairstyle, but later slowly vanished and again made a comeback in the early 2000s. 

What is a Pompadour hairstyle

The basic style is to put more volume on the top which could flow from the top to back. 

Fade on both sides can be medium to high depending on the requirement and style, and it should not affect the top part and should ensure a smooth transition. 

Hair from the top and both sides should flow to the back. 

What face shape is best for a Pompadour hairstyle?

  • Round face shape
  • Diamond face shape
  • Oval face shape
  • Square face shape

Common long hairstyle for men

Long hairstyles may be difficult to maintain but at the same time, it helps you to stand out from the crowd. 

Having a long haircut means you have the luxury to follow any kind of hairstyle. 

You can have some of the cool men’s hairstyles like Man Bun, Swept Back or Ponytail.

Even if you don’t want to follow any hairstyle, still, you can let your hair flow naturally. 

Here are some common male long hairstyles that every hairstylist follows.

Man Bun Hairstyle

What is Man Bun hairstyle

The hairstyle is not a new trend though and can be dated back to the ancient age and you can find many historical figures following such hairstyles.

What is a Man Bun hairstyle

A man bun simply means hair gather to make a round bun (ball) on the backside of your head.

Don’t confuse with the top knot though they look similar. 

Top Knot means to tie the hair on the top of your head, and doesn’t require much hair.

In man bun hairstyle, the round bun pulls hair from the top and hangs lower, and hair from all over the head should be long and have equal length. 

What face shape is best for a man bun hairstyle?

  • Square face shape
  • Oval face shape
  • Diamond face shape
  • Triangle face shape

Ponytail hairstyle

What is ponytail hairstyle

It looks similar to man bun style but technically is a different hairstyle. 

If you are a fan of a long hairstyle, ponytail could be one of the best hairstyles. 

Here, you don’t need to do drying and styling long hair. 

What is a ponytail hairstyle

A ponytail hairstyle is a haircut where the hair is not bunched up like a ball.

The hair from the top part of the head needs to be pulled away from the face and gathered at the backside of the head with a hair tie or similar object. 

What face shape is best for a ponytail hairstyle?

  • Square face shape
  • Triangle face shape
  • Oval face shape

Slick Back hairstyle

What is Slick Back hairstyle

When we are talking about long hairstyles for men, it would be incomplete without mentioning the Slick Back hairstyle. 

This is the old yet simplest hairstyle we ever have that gives an elegant look.  

What is a Slick Back hairstyle

A slick back hairstyle means short sides with long hair on the top that you can comb back.

You can choose the volume of the sides, but it should be less than the top. 

In this style, you need to use a product to make the hair sleek, shiny, and smooth.

Here, you need to add volume for getting the long slick back hairstyle. 

What face shape is best for a Slick Back hairstyle?

The best part of this hairstyle is it fits with any kind of face that means all the seven face shapes, and you can create your own style statement.

Stay ahead in the hairstyle game

grooming for men

When you are looking for grooming for men tips, the best way to stay ahead in the game is to take care of your hairstyle in the best possible ways. 

Here are some important tips that not only give you the best hairstyle but also help you to learn how to maintain hair.

Be a frequent visitor to the barber

Most of us go to the barber once in a month, but in reality, to maintain the same style, it’s not enough. 

You need to go whenever you notice that your hair requires a trim.

Because it means, other parts of your hairs have also grown.

You should not change your barber if you want to maintain the same best hairstyle.

Should you wash your hair right after a cut

“Is it necessary to bath after a haircut?” the most common question that arises in everyone’s mind.

The short answer is yes, and the long answer is, it depends. 

Of course, you need to take a shower to clean those tiny hairs.

But the problem is, it could ruin your hairstyle for which you have spent a good amount of money.   

If you get a short haircut (for example, military haircut), you can wash your hair, but if you have a long haircut, it is not necessary to wash your hair apart from certain conditions.  

Here is what you should know about your hair

Don’t wash your hair regularly

The most common questions every hairstylist faces at least once in their life “should guys wet their hair every day?”
Usually, washing means if we should use shampoo regularly or not.

It’s a controversial question that why shampooing every day is bad.

The problem is people misunderstood that washing hair is bad which is not. 

Let’s see shampooing regularly is good or bad 

It seems weird, but actually, you shouldn’t use shampoo daily. 

Don’t panic, and let me explain the details. 

Frequent washing of hair through a shampoo does more harm than good. 

That doesn’t mean you should not wash your hair. Of course, you must do it, but you need to have a clear idea.

Using the right products doesn’t harm you at all. 

According to many hairstylists, they have noticed that clients who use shampoo very less have less greasy hair. 

How shampoo works

Before we make any conclusion, we need to know how the shampoo works.

Shampoo captures and traps excess oil, dirt produced by hairs, which rinses out to clean. 

Our hair requires some oils that help in moisturizing, and act as a protective barrier for hair and skin. 

So it’s okay not to shampoo regularly according to many experts.

You need to know 3 important things before using any shampoo for your hair

  • Does hair need shampoo regularly or not
  • How long you can stay without shampooing
  • How many days gap you can maintain

Does hair need shampoo regularly

If you think of doing shampoo, you need to know about your hair.

  • Thicker hairs contain less oil, so you don’t need shampooing regularly
  • If you have curly or dry hair, wash less frequently
  • If you have some specific scalp and skin condition, it is better to discuss with a dermatologist.  

You should do shampoo regularly

  • If you do workout and sweat a lot
  • Stay in a very humid place
  • If you have a very dry that produces dandruff or oily scalp
  • In case you are the lucky one who has very fine hair

How long can you stay without shampooing

The main question is how long you can stay without shampoo.

The answer is it depends as we mentioned earlier based on various factors. 

If your hairstylist has given a new look to your hair recently, you may not require shampooing for a longer time.  

It’s fine to stay for a few days without shampooing, and many experts suggest to go as long as possible. 

If you are staying most of the time indoor, and don’t need to go or stay outside for a longer time; it’s perfectly fine to maintain the gap unless you feel itching on scalp or notice dandruff/oil. 

How often should I shampoo my hair

How often should I shampoo my hair male
Source: shampooitaly/Instagram

There is no particular deadline to maintain the gap for shampooing. 

If your hair is looking oily, the scalp starts itching or you have noticed too much dandruff; it’s time for the shampoo.

According to GQ, the safe way to deal with it is to shampoo every third day, but use conditioner every day. 

Conditioner will re-hydrate and replenishes the nutrients your hairs have lost. 


Getting the best men’s style haircut is not rocket science if you know some basic tips. 

Often we fall for false information that misleads us and does more harm than good. 

Before seating at the barber’s chair for the best hairstyle, you need to know 

  • Your face shape
  • Hairstyle for face
  • Types of your hair
  • Washing according to your hair health

In case you are following celebrities for the latest hairstyle for men, you should refrain yourself from making a disaster in the name of trendy hairstyles for men. Your style reflects your personality, which is unique. By copying someone entirely, you are ignoring your potential. You can take inspiration from celebrities, but don’t copy them completely. It’s because good hairstyles for men depend on the shape of your face, not the celebrity you are admiring even if you look like them.  

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