August 10, 2022
how to pick a men's watch
The world is full of watches from Rolex to Armani, from diving watches to sports watches, so finding a wristwatch suitable for both your wrist and pocket is tight. So, how to pick a men's watch that stands out from the crowd?

How to pick a men’s watch that craves the attention

You might be wondering; is it possible? Can you have a wristwatch that everyone will be obsessed with it? If I say, after reading this you will able to purchase a luxury wristwatch! This is crazy. No, I am not kidding. Of course, luxury watches cost a lot, but there are some buying hacks. Want to know the best part?

You are going to the next interview or plan to meet someone special or want to attend a party with your colleagues, but are confused about your dressing style and fashion accessories. 

Because dressing well is not enough, you should have a good taste of gadgets also. 

It is no secret that your style and representation can make a strong impression which defines your overall attitude.

A wristwatch is not only for showing the time; it’s a potent tool that describes your personality and displays the effort you make to improve yourself. 

The world is full of watches from Rolex to Armani, from diving watches to sports watches, so finding a wristwatch suitable for both your wrist and pocket is tight. So, how to pick a men’s watch that stands out from the crowd?

Like your clothing items, your wristwatch should be well fitted. But you don’t need to worry about it because there is a watch for everyone. So before choosing, you should have some knowledge about the functionality of the watch.

Here is a definitive guide to buying a wristwatch.

How do I decide what watch to buy?

how to pick a men's watch

Choosing the best wristwatch is a personal choice, and no expert can suggest this. If you are thinking, we are leaving you helpless; you misunderstood the first sentence. An expert can help you to find the pros and cons of each wristwatch, but buying something depends on your personal taste. Usually, we look for advice from our friends, relatives, or an expert; however, people make wrong decisions most of the time while buying a wristwatch. 

Let me explain how to pick a men’s watch that stands out from the crowd.

A wristwatch is deeply personal 

Each person has a different taste, and nobody can recommend it just because he is an expert in wristwatches. We all want a beautiful watch that suits your personality, and most importantly, it should be affordable according to our pocket. It’s not about what you must own just because someone wears it.  

Not everyone is serious about a wristwatch, but we all want a watch that stands out from the crowd. That’s why we try to make it easy for everyone before deciding to buy a wristwatch. 

Understand why do you need a wristwatch first

Yeah, it’s a question you think silly but essential. You need to ask yourself, why do you need a wristwatch in the first place? Whether it’s about time or creating an impression in front of your friends and girls. Maybe you are a watch collector who loves to collect them. Or you want to gift yourself a birthday present. Perhaps you may wish to purchase a fitness watch, or sports watch.

Most importantly, each wristwatch has a purpose, and that’s why you can’t use it at every time and every occasion or place. A sports watch is not suitable while going to the office or vice versa. 

There is no shortage of reasons to buy a wristwatch, but it should be a strong reason before you spend your hard-earned money. Before purchasing a watch, you need to understand, “What do you value most from a wristwatch?” 

It’s a difficult question to answer, but there are certain things which is why people prefer to purchase a wristwatch. It may be the brand you admire most, the design of a wristwatch, or your favorite celebrity wears or endorses it. You may be a fitness enthusiast and want to use a fitness watch to track your calories. You probably want to wear it on some special occasions, or you may need a regular timepiece. There is a difference between daily timepieces and watches used for special events.

The purpose should be clear; else, you will end up losing your money.   

What is your style?

You are in a profession where it’s mandatory to wear clothes that have been in style from the last century. Or, maybe you love these types of outfit no matter whether you are in the office or at a party or anywhere. So it would help if you chose brands which have been around since the last century like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega, etc. If you are a fan of streetwear or a sports enthusiast, you can consider Seiko, Diesel, Casio, and Citizen Etc.

How Many Types of Wristwatches Are There

Though there is no shortage of different types of wristwatches, however, watches have a few categories from a broader point of view. Maybe some people don’t know the different types of watches because they don’t care. For some people, all wristwatches have the same purpose; that is displaying the time. But only a watch enthusiast knows each watch has a unique purpose. 

Learn about the movements

The watch’s mechanism gives power to the engine that displays the time, date, day, and month. A movement of the wristwatch may be entirely mechanical or electronic or maybe a blend of both. 

Based on the movements, it classifies into two categories; Mechanical and Automatic.

Mechanical Watch

We call it mechanical because it uses a mechanism to measure the passage of time, which is the opposite of modern quartz. Firstly, these are not accurate, like modern quartz watches, and require periodic cleaning by professionals. 

These are the most high-end products and have been purchased only for exquisite reasons, such as an appreciation for craftsmanship. A manual watch is a mechanical watch that is neither self-winding nor electrically driven. Today most of the mechanical watches are self-winding.

Automatic Watch

If you are a real watch lover, you like the watches with only mechanical movements as an acceptable way of powering. Now the majority of the mechanical movements are automatics, but still, some manually-wound models are present. 

An automatic watch works due to the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist, which gives the energy to run the clock. Big brands like Rolex, Omega produce in-house movements and test it exhaustively before being put on sale.

Again these are classified into five types as follows;

  1. Analog
  2. Digital
  3. Hybrid
  4. Tactile
  5. Touchscreen

Analog Watch

best quality wrist watch brands

This one is undoubtedly the most traditional watch with an hour, minute, and sometimes second hand. You will find it everywhere, and there is no further explanation needed for this as this is too common for us. 

Digital Watch

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It uses the LCD screen to display the time and other information available on the watch. It requires electric power to function, and that’s why available among quartz watches. 

Hybrid Watch

how to pick a watch to wear with every outfit

These watches are the combination of both analog and digital watches. It looks like an analog watch but offers many features like a digital watch. If you don’t want to compromise the classic look of a wristwatch, but at the same time you want digital watch features, this wristwatch is perfect for you. 

Tactile Watch


Like its name, the watch has some unique features that others don’t offer. It will tell you time even if you don’t look at the watch. Exclusively made for blind people, this watch has a history of more than 200 years.  

Touch Screen Watch


Thanks to Android and iOS, these watches now become an inevitable part of our life. Smartwatches have many features, which is impossible to show in its tiny display, so it offers touchscreen features to navigate its all functions.

Wristwatch categories based on style

Here we are going to talk about wristwatch fashion, which is the primary focus of everyone. While choosing a wristwatch, we look at its design, when and where to wear, and if it is appealing enough or not. If you don’t know about the wristwatch style, here we classify to clear your doubt. 

Formal Watch


If you are a professional looking for a wristwatch to wear in the office or business meeting, you can try this. 

These are the best for formal and business clothes. These are simple but elegant and slim enough to fit under the sleeve of your clothes. 

Formal watches are suitable for professionals like lawyers, CEOs, management professionals, bankers, etc. 

Casual Watch

Men's Casual Watch

Whether you are going for an outing or on a date, a casual watch is for everyone and can be used everywhere. These are the most common watches and for those who don’t have many expectations from their wristwatches. You can wear any occasion you want, and is the best choice for a gift. 

Sports Watch

sports watch for men

It is the most popular wristwatches that have been used by many people irrespective of their social status and profession. A sports watch can cost a few bucks to millions of dollars, depending on its design and features. These wristwatches don’t mean to make you active physically. Don’t be confused with the word “sports” by thinking of its use only during an outdoor/indoor game. Due to its design and style theme, it’s called so. 

Made with strong crystal with extra protection, these are capable enough to handle rough uses. 

Dive watches, pilot watches are some examples of a sports watch. 

Fashion Watch

fashion watch for men

In simple terms, these are made by brands that don’t make watches as their primary product or don’t make the majority of sales from it. In case it doesn’t look straightforward, let’s make it more simple. 

Usually, watch brands focus on everything while making a wristwatch. But some brands whose primary business is not wristwatch still make them and sell them commercially. Here, their primary focus is on the design of the wristwatch to make it more fashionable.    

Other features of these wristwatches are generic and can’t compete with wristwatch brands. 

Gucci, Emporio Armani, Guess are some brands that sell fashion watches. 

Luxury Watch

Luxury watch for men

These are not those everyday watches we use in our lives. Most importantly, they are expensive beyond imagination and most people can’t afford it. Luxury watches are made by companies who have a longtime presence in the industry, and all of these are handmade. They are made using expensive metals, carefully crafted, and they also use high-end movements.

These are produced in fewer numbers and are sold in exclusive stores. Usually, luxury watches have a different client base that includes celebrities, politicians, and ultra-wealthy people. 

Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Tag Heuer, and Hublot are some well-known luxury wristwatch brands.

What type of watch is the most accurate?

Usually, quartz watches are the most accurate, although there is an average of 15 seconds of variation.

No matter which wristwatch you buy, each runs at about some seconds delay or advance. Though for most of us it is accurate, still, some customers demand more accuracy than these. Even the world’s best wristwatch will show 10 seconds of difference, and there is no way to avoid it.

How wristwatches maintain time accuracy?

It’s pretty simple. Watches have thermo-compensation, which helps to maintain the time accuracy even during the temperature change. Usually, vibrations are generated when current passes through the tuning fork crystal that gives the wristwatch power. It regulates the motor pulses according to the temperature change. This is how it achieves higher accuracy even after the temperature shift.

How To Buy A Luxury Watch On Budget

Being a watch lover, we all wish to wear luxury watches, but that seems to be difficult when we check the price tag.  

They are luxury watches for a reason, and if you are still pushing hard to buy a luxury watch, you must look for the value of the money. Not all of us are an expert in wristwatches, and it’s important to ask someone who has an ample amount of knowledge on this.  

If you are planning to buy a luxury watch, make sure that you consider these following points. 

How much should I spend on a luxury watch?  

It is the most tricky question, and the answer is not only challenging but also impossible sometimes. However, we assure you that we won’t disappoint, and you will be happy after reading this. You will have enough idea about how much you should spend on a watch.  

If a luxury watch is your concern, you should buy only after getting some professional success. But make sure that you are ready to spend four times your monthly salary. Of course, there is no question about a luxury watch.

The lowest price of a Swiss mechanical watch will cost a minimum of $500-$600, and these are not even entry-level luxury wristwatches. You must be ready to spend a minimum of $2000 to $4000 on average for a luxury wristwatch. Mid-range wristwatches could go up to $6000 to $10000. 

Look for a discount

Yes, it’s possible to get a discount for luxury watches, and all you need to become a little bit smarter. Suppose you are looking for a good deal in luxury watches, better to look for a discount. You may not feel comfortable asking for a discount for a luxury watch, but a simple search on the internet will become your savior. You will get to know luxury wristwatches available at a discounted price. 

It is not a secret that a massive discount means the wristwatch is not in demand or is not producing it anymore, or maybe the availability of the inventory is high. 

No, the information mentioned above doesn’t mean that it is a lousy wristwatch. This information helps you know how to find the discount or a good deal while buying a luxury wristwatch. 

A luxury watch has a different kind of respect in society, and having one is a mark of status symbol. So just because they are offering a discount that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. 

Buy Japanese Brands

Spending a few thousand dollars is not a cup of tea, but simultaneously, being a luxury watch lover, it is hard to stay away from it. After Swiss companies, if anyone has a reputation in luxury watches, they are Japanese watchmakers. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, opt for a Japanese brand. 

Companies like Citizen, Seiko, etc. are producing some of the finest luxury watches under $500. It’s not about mechanical watches; you can find quartz also. Here, you don’t need to worry about qualities as they are no less than Swiss watches. 

Where to buy luxury watches

If you are looking for a new luxury watch, it’s better to go to the exclusive showroom or boutiques that sell them. In case you are looking for used luxury watches, you can search in online marketplaces for a better deal. 

Here are some online marketplaces that sell used/refurbished luxury watches.

Watchbox is an online marketplace where anyone can buy or sell luxury wristwatches. You can also check eBay, which is the most popular marketplace in the world. 

You may not find everything in one marketplace, including the best price; however, it would be ignorant to exclude the online marketplace for luxury watches. 

Is it worth spending money on a watch?

Before buying, we all ask this question to ourselves. Watches are different, and people notice it a lot. These are not used for checking the time only. Like your wealth, wristwatches are a status symbol. If your profession deals with the 1% people of society directly or indirectly, you know how important it is to wear a wristwatch that matches their standard. 

Of course, it’s worth spending money on a watch. Just because your budget doesn’t permit a luxury one doesn’t mean you should refrain yourself from buying a wristwatch. A perfect wristwatch is like jewelry. If you choose the right one, we could guarantee you will feel confident. 

How to buy a watch at an affordable price

An elegant wristwatch has a powerful and charismatic look that has perfectly completed the look of your outfit. Whether you are going to the office or weekend party, a wristwatch is an essential part of the gentleman style. A watch is used not only for telling the time but also for the fashion statement, which gives importance to the wearer. 

While big brands like Audemars Piguet and Rolex get all the attention in the wristwatch world, not everyone can invest money in these luxury brands. Thankfully there are lots of brands that offer a wide range of watches that suit everyone’s pocket. Before buying a wristwatch, you should consider these points. 

Don’t buy replica watches 

A luxury watch is expensive because of its precious metals, quality of glass, functionality, and the most important part is its design. It also includes marketing expenses, labor costs, taxes, and profit. Usually, big brands are spending a huge amount on their promotion, so you should not expect their watches to be cheap and doesn’t mean that you should pour your hard-earned money on fake products.  

Fake watches are for fake people 

No one will take you seriously if you wear a fake watch. It heavily damages your reputation. Those who are using the real product can easily recognize it. A wristwatch fan can spot a fake wristwatch from a distance because of some small details that differentiate it from the original.  

Bad quality wristwatches 

It will never last long. After a certain period, it will break or stop working the way it should be. In a fake watch, cheap materials are used, so it isn’t easy to repair. Due to low quality, it doesn’t show accurate time. In the end, you will lose the money you have spent on it.  

Fake watches are illegal 

By purchasing a fake watch, you are encouraging the illegal manufacturer to continue these activities. Nowadays original companies are fighting hard to stop this. Buying or selling the fake watch is a punishable act in several countries, including India. It can land you in jail. So be aware. 

Tips for buying an affordable watch 

Don’t be upset that you are using a watch that costs less. A wristwatch is cheap, that doesn’t mean it is terrible. So many new brands are coming to the market, and to increase their sell, they make less profit without compromising the quality, which ultimately reduces the price. 

As they are new brands or a few years old, they don’t spend a significant amount on marketing. Even if you still hesitate to buy a brand that you don’t know, you can consider big brands like Citizen, Casio, Seiko, Alpina, etc. They are offering watches at an affordable price that suits your pocket. Never buy those watches which are too cheap. 

What should you know before buying a wristwatch

Before you buy, you must consider these points below.

  • Be careful about fake or plated metals like gold or silver. Usually, artificial colors will change after sometimes, and it will look like a plastic greenish color. 
  • Always avoid leather straps while you are buying an inexpensive watch because leather quality may not last long due to its cheap price. Try to purchase straps that are made of standard metals. 
  • It is better to have the metal strap because of its long-lasting nature. 
  • You can consider a fabric trap or rubber strap. Even if you are not satisfied with the strap, you can replace it with a better one after the purchase, which is a good idea. 
  • If you are considering replacing it, then you should buy a strap from a brand you trust. You will find them at an affordable price. 
  • It is better to invest in quartz watches because of their functionality, and you will find these within your budget. 

If you are buying a watch, focus on its style because it doesn’t matter if you are wearing an expensive or inexpensive watch, its movement will be the same. It should look good on your hand. 

In case you don’t have a budget for high-end brands

If your budget is tight, don’t worry, because brands like Timex, Fastrack, and Titan offer a wide range of watches at an affordable price. You can also check Casio, Tommy Hilfiger, and Fossil.

Final Thoughts

Your watch should match with your dressing style; otherwise, it will ruin your personality completely. Depending on the situation, profession, and hobbies, watches also vary. Suppose you wear a suit daily due to your professional demand, so sports watches should not be in your hand instead of formal observations. 

It would be best to think about your personality and preferences like design or uniqueness or brand, or price. If you buy only for your personal pleasure, you should consider the brand’s essence and value. 

And if you want to show off people, then you should go for big brands. But it would help if you avoided cheap watches at a discounted price because they don’t give any value. 

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